Thursday, April 17, 2008

Samsung executives indicted

Samsung Group's executives, including Chairman Lee Kun-hee, were indicted for several charges, including breach of trust and tax evasion. But will they ever be thrown into jail? I don't know. To begin with, none of them was detained.

According to the media, a member of the independent panel investigating the case said there is a "discrepancy" between the law and reality when it comes to prosecuting the conglomerates, or chaebols, given Korea's "unique business practices." So it already looks like these people will likely get away with the charges, like other chaebol executives have in the past.

The dilema is obvious: the whole economy depends on these companies, and it won't do much good for the country to screw them, but there's this thing called justice. Which one should be more valued? I don't know.

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