Friday, July 28, 2006

Singlish lah

In England, they speak English, in America, they speak, English, and in Singapore, they speak, Singlish.

However American English is different from British English, they are still considered the same language. They have different idoms, expressions, and of course accents, but all the basics are the same.

But Singaporean English is fundamentally different, as far as I can see. Among other things besides the accent, they simplify things to the maximum efficiency. They don't say "excuse me." They say "excuse." If something is unnecessary? Just say "no need." And if, for example, you ask them "can I pay with credit card?" They would say "credit card, can," or "credit card, cannot."

Another thing is saying "lah" at the end of every sentence. Examples are: "Ok lah!" "Thank you lah!" etc.

Singlish is a hybrid of English that is gramatically so flawed, but they still communicate with it perfectly. Interesting huh?