Thursday, April 03, 2008

Back for one last time

So I'm back here, back to exactly where I was two years ago, except I now have two years of work experience under my belt, while I could've been done with the army thing and been a free man by now - is this going to be a worthwhile tradeoff? I don't know, I guess only time will tell.

Right now, I don't feel anything. I don't think much - I'm just trying do whatever I can put my mind to. I've been keeping myself busy unpacking and settling in, but now that I'm done with it all, reality seems about to set in.

I read an interesting article on Yahoo the other day. The Korean government is now trying to encourage more young people to have overseas work experience, and one thing they are thinking about is to exempt people doing certain volunteering work overseas or even just working overseas from the military service. And the same people called me in, forcing me to give up my noble overseas job. What an irony.

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