Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I went to the homepage of my cousin, who's been in the states as an exchange student for about a semester now, and I was taken aback when I saw his comments about black people. He called them "trash" for no valid reason, and I'm just surprised at how blatant he is.

Maybe it's not just him. Koreans are one of the most racist and exclusive people I've ever known - as a Korean myself, I'm ashamed to say this, but I'm afraid it's true. They hate black people for being black, they hate white people for being white, they hate Japanese for being Japanese. Basically, they hate everyone for being different from them.

For a long time, I'd thought it was more like xenophobia rather than racism. There haven't been not many foreigners in Korea, so it's understandable they can be afraid of foreigners because they hadn't seen them much. But if you call a certain group of people "trash" just because they are being who they are, it's serious racism, and I'm pretty sure my counsin isn't the only Korean who thinks that way.

All the crap in Korea about the Superbowl MVP Hines Ward was the most pathetic and hypocrat thing I've ever witnessed. Bi-racials in Korea had been the most underrepresented people, and all of sudden, that half-Korean, half-black dude was getting all the most positive media attention you can ever get. Koreans were just crazy about him, first because he had a Korean tie, and second he achieved such a great thing in the states, a country they try to hate so much, but can't help but admiring as much.

So on one level, you have these people calling others with darker skin collors trash without feeling any shame, and on another level, you have these people going crazy over a U.S. football star despite his skin color, again, without feeling any shame. That's a real, real shame to me.


Yolanda said...
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Yolanda said...

That is such a shame. I hope he gets to know "real black people" not television induced crap.

shawnsninja said...

This is an issue i've been reading about and learning about from Koreans, and it's pretty incredible. I was thinking that this was such an overblown problem, but at the same time, this is a problem very similar to many in the U.S. Especially when considering black entertainers, there are many other races here in the U.S. that may love the guy who won them the championship, but if he was any other guy in the bar, he wouldn't be worth their time. It may be amplified because Korea is predominantly one race. However, I feel you about the mixed race thing and the hypocritical glorification of Hines Ward. I personally couldnt believe that myself after learning about how Korean society doesn't accept mixed marriages or mixed children on the whole. Ok, You said it well enough, nice thoughts

Lauren said...

Interesting post Jun, you stated it well.
Yep, I'll be in DC, covering Congress and election races across the country. Yay! :-) Hope you are doing well!!!!!!