Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Military goes naked

Another military story.

See, in Korea, every male citizen has to do the complusory military service. It's two years long, and you live on the base, almost completely separated from the outside world. And this is what happens when you do that to 20-year old men.

As I haven't been in the military yet, I don't have a complete grasp of what this is all about - I'll find out pretty soon. I can see it's a kind of physical punishment, but I don't really understand what this does to the military morale and stuff. Or maybe, many days of separation from girls can homosexualize guys.

I've heard so much bad stuff about the military here, from my father, friends, uncles, cousins, etc. You walk 80 miles a night, they beat the hell out of you, you do anything they tell you to do, blah blah blah. As a flat-footer, walking that long distance kind of worried me, but I wasn't really scared of those things. But these photoes do terribly scare me. Gosh, I don't wanna be the subject of sexual pleasure for guys.

Or maybe it's just that all the stuff I've heard about the military wasn't substantiated enough for me to take it seriously. But then, with the help of digital technologies and Internet, I'm actually seeing it. And now I have to take it serisouly, hoping the revealing of these ugly truths would help make things better. Internet is a cursed blessing, really.


shawnsninja said...

holy crap, thats really all i have to say

e bing said...

jesus, jun, are you serious? does the government have anything to say about this?

as a side note, i'm linking you from my blog so i can keep up with you... my internship this summer is super fun but ends in august. then i have to get a "real" job. what about you?

allison said...

jun, that military stuff sounds intense! what have you been up to since the only thing to worry about was that crazy english class we had in the fall?

Don said...

Whatup Jun? I hope all is going well back in Korea. Keep updating this thing and let us know how you're living.

shawnsninja said...

jun, post dammit, what the hell is going on in your life

dnaeye said...

Hey, now you can get your own harem of bitchez, pimp. "Get down and give me 10!" Blowjobs, that is...hehehe